Who we are

CWIPP is the Canada-Wide Industrial Pension Plan. The plan was originally set up in 1970 for employees of companies whose unions have an affiliation with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). 

Today, the plan boasts more than 11,000 members across a number of sectors, including more than 2,500 retired members, and 78 actively participating employer groups across diverse sectors.

The plan's Trust Fund holds approximately $290 million in assets – carefully invested to provide for members’ future pensions.

Plan membership by industry sector

CWIPP was designed specifically with small and medium-sized employers in mind. As a result, it offers employers the advantages of low-cost centralized administration and professional investment management.

It also offers members several important advantages, such as early retirement features, portability, and survivor benefits. In addition, member contributions are allowed if agreed to by the union and employer.

How it works
CWIPP is what is known as a target benefit pension plan. This means that pension benefits are based on a pre-set formula, but are not guaranteed by the employer, union or government. In other words, if there is a shortfall in the money available for pensions, the benefit formula can be adjusted.

To help avoid a shortfall, the long-term financial health of the plan is monitored continually. In addition, the money in the CWIPP Trust Fund – from which benefits are paid – is invested based on clearly defined investment guidelines.

How it's governed
CWIPP is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. This board is made up of an equal number of employer and CLC-appointed representatives, and an independent chair.

The Board is responsible for various aspects of the plan, as well as the plan's Trust Fund. For example, it establishes investment policy, monitors investment performance and approves plan changes.

Trustees have a legal obligation to act in the best interest of plan members. This obligation takes precedence over allegiances to other parties or interests – including the organizations that have appointed them.